Welcome to the Intramuros Administration website. If you need to get in touch with us, please know that you may email us at:

urban@intramuros.gov.ph, for questions concerning the issuance of the any of the following documents: gate pass, repair permit, locational clearance, development clearance, building permit, mechanical permit, electrical permit, wiring clearance, stickers/decals, excavation permit, and occupancy permit.

business@intramuros.gov.ph, for questions regarding the issuance of permits for the rental of IA facilities, pictorials/videos/filming in Intramuros, and admission tickets to any of our attractions and sites, and sale of souvenir items and related publications.

tourism@intramuros.gov.ph, for queries relating to the screening of video documentaries and other tourism-related matters.

planning@intramuros.gov.ph, for IA/Intramuros-related research and to inquire about our library facilities.

When you email us, please do not forget to copy administrator@intramuros.gov.ph to help us keep track of and facilitate your concerns.

You may also visit us at 5/F Palacio del Gobernador, cor. Gen. Luna and Aduana Sts., Intramuros 1002 Manila, Philippines.

(FYI. We’re on Twitter: @Intramuros; Facebook: Intramuros Administration; and Instagram: @intramurosph)