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Responsible for the formulation of the plans and programs of the Administration, the evaluation and monitoring of the implementation of projects and activities in support of plans and programs, the maintenance of database bank to service the operating divisions, the design and implementation of Management Information System and other relevant corporate planning functions. Undertakes historical research/publications and provides library services.



  • Project Planning Process
  • Performance Monitoring Process
  • Communications Process
  • Control of Documented Information Process
  • Freedom of Information Process
  • Archives Services Process
  • Library Services Process
  • Management of Information and Communication Technology Process
  • Customer Feedback Management Process

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Key personnel

  • Edgardo A. Baysic, Planning Officer V
  • Gloria de la Cruz, Planning Officer III – Head, Fr. Luis Merino Library
  • John E. Arcilla, Senior Tourism Operations Officer – Head, Archives and Central Records Section
  • Kimberey Gaid Estrada, Information Technology Officer I

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