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Responsible for the internal administrative functions, including property, records, personnel management and general services. Provides financial support services including budgeting, accounting and cash management. 


  • Budget and Accounting Section
  • Human Resources Section
  • General Services Section
  • Cash Section


  • Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management Process
  • Cashiering Services Process
  • Recruitment and Selection of Applicants Process
  • Administration of Employee Compensation Benefits Process
  • Training and Development of Personnel Process
  • Procurement – Alternative Mode Process
  • Procurement – Public Bidding Process
  • Supply Service Process
  • Maintenance of Vehicles and Equipment Process
  • Maintenance of Building Facilities Process
  • Outsourced Services Process

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Key personnel

  • Vanessa Q. Rodriguez, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Roda V. Mendoza, Sales and Promotions Supervisor V – Officer-in-Charge
  • Accountant III – Head, Accounting Section (Vacant)
  • Cynthia G. Jose, Administrative Officer V – Head, Cash Section
  • Estrellita C. Go, Administrative Officer V – Head, General Services Section
  • Administrative Officer V – Head, Human Resource Section (Vacant)
  • Jocelyn M. Cabalhug, Administrative Officer V – Officer-in-Charge, Human Resource Section

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