1. General terms and condition. Rental fees and other regular fees may be waived, provided the activity satisfies any of the following conditions: 
    • Activity is open to the public, preferably with free admission; 
    • Activity or shoot promotes Philippine art, heritage, tourism, culture, etc;
    • Products or services with quantifiable value are offered in exchange; 
    • Activity or shoot is organized by another government agency or by a local government unit; 
    • Activity or shoot is organized by a foreign government through their respective embassies or other diplomatic representatives; 
    • Activity or shoot is organized by an NGO or other charitable organizations for a socially relevant cause or for the creative economy.
  2. General terms and conditions for shoots.
    • The pictures/footages taken must be used only for purposes indicated in the application;
    • The proponent must provide for their own logistical requirements during the shooting;
    • Pictorial and shooting in the streets is allowed only if the activity will not cause traffic, disturbance and/or inconvenience to the public. IA is not responsible for the safety of the clients and their participants utilizing the street. No closure of the street is allowed.
    • Beside the Intramuros Administration, shooting in the streets must have prior coordination with the following authorities: (a) Concerned Intramuros Barangay, (b) Manila Traffic Bureau, and (c) Establishments within the vicinity that will be affected by the shooting. The Administration will not coordinate on behalf of the proponent.
    • There is no provision for holding area or make-up room in the locations. Comfort rooms are available but not exclusive.
  3. For activities with an audience such as concerts, plays, lectures, etc.,  entrance fees shall be charged when applicable, unless otherwise explicitly requested. Sufficient crowd-control personnel and first aid-team must be provided by the proponent.
  4. For Museo ni Rizal (formerly Rizal Shrine).  The proponent shall coordinate directly with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. The Administration shall not coordinate on behalf of the proponent.
  5. For sites outside the direct jurisdiction of IA. The proponent shall coordinate directly with the concerned property owners or managers. IA shall not coordinate on behalf of the proponent.
  6. Operating Expenses. While the rental fee may be waived, operating expenses incurred will be billed. Charges for electricity, use of dressing rooms, and overtime pay of maintenance, janitorial and security personnel shall apply. Necessary charges may be viewed here.
  7. For shoots with waived fees. The amount waived is considered as IA’s sponsorship for the proponent’s activity. By proceeding with the shoot, the proponent understands and accepts the following terms and conditions attached to this sponsorship. This sponsorship will be withdrawn, the regular fees will be reinstated, and the proponent will be asked to pay the amount waived if any or all of the following condition/s is/are not met:
    • Proponent shall explicitly acknowledged IA in their pubmats and other promotional materials, both online and print. The IA logo may be used: intramuros.gov.ph/logo.
    • Proponent shall ensure good and free publicity for Intramuros.
    • Proponent shall ensure that Intramuros is visibly prominent and easily identifiable in their final outputs.
    • The final outputs must have locator texts to help the audience know with certainty that what they are watching is Intramuros.
    • Proponent shall ensure that IA receive copies of photos and videos.
    • For major TV channels if applicable: Proponent shall ensure that Intramuros gets free publicity on national television.
  8. For drones. The proponent shall secure a permit from the Urban Planning and Community Development Division. The terms and conditions for the flying of drones in Intramuros are as follows:
    • Operation of drones is allowed only within Visual Line of Site;
    • Area of operation must be clear of people;
    • Altitude of drones must not exceed 30m ASL;
    • Flying of drones over private properties is strictly prohibited.
  9. For shoots in Fort Santiago.
    • Unless otherwise explicitly permitted, shooting is not allowed beyond the Fort Santiago gate. This refers to the inner sanctuary which includes Plaza Armas, Rajah Sulayman Theater, Museo ni Rizal, the dungeons, and Baluarte de Santa Barbara, among others.
    • Fort Santiago is  a hallowed ground. Countless have died here as victims of war and other crimes against humanity. To ensure that the sanctity of the place is maintained, only activities that promote remembrance, commemoration, and contemplation are allowed. To conform, events shall not engage in ghost hunting or other paranormal activities. 
  10. For shoots in Museo de Intramuros and Casa Manila. Only educational shoots are allowed.
  11. Cleanliness. The proponent shall observe cleanliness and shall be responsible for leaving the place tidy and free of sets, props, etc. after use.
  12. Damages. The proponent shall be held responsible for any damage to the facilities of the Intramuros Administration as well as for the safety, protection and security of the talents, guests, crew and the general public.
  13. Obstructions. Obstruction of sidewalks, streets, stairs, corridors, emergency exits, and other similar passages is not allowed.
  14. Promotions. IA shall be explicitly credited in all pubmats and promotional materials, and cross-posting in social media sites must be facilitated. Any material related to the event must be approved by IA prior to posting and/or reproduction. Logo may be downloaded from this link.
  15. Fireworks. Fireworks may be allowed in Puerta Real Gardens, San Diego Gardens and Plaza Moriones upon presentation of original permits from the City of Manila, as well as the Philippine National Police Firearms and Explosives Office.  Fireworks should be mounted in designated areas only. A fire truck shall be on standby near the area. 
  16. Cooking. Cooking shall not be allowed in the premises. Grilling and roasting shall be allowed only upon prior approval of IA at designated areas in Puerta Real Gardens, San Diego Gardens, Plaza Moriones, and Casa Manila Patio. It is understood, however, that such permission is granted on the condition that precautionary measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the public and the facilities of IA. It is understood further that any accident caused by grilling or roasting in the premises shall be the sole responsibility of the proponent. 
  17. Nailing and mounting of props to the walls, ceilings or floors shall not be allowed.
  18. IA shall not be held liable for failure to provide the premises because of fortuitous or manmade events beyond the control of IA.

Updated: 20 October 2022, 1721