DOT-Accredited Tour Guides fluent in English


  • DOT accreditation no.: DOT-NCR-TGD-00424-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/17/2021
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, English, Filipino
  • Degrees: BS Business Administration – Accounting, University of the East

Charlon S. CABRAL

“Easy going and an adventurous person. Love exploring new things and exploring new places.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00538-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 7/10/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino

Cecilia DE LEON

“A Japanese speaking Tour Guide since 1994, Love to travel, promoting our Beloved Philippines, in many forms and ideals, nature or fancy things, all about Philippines, has been my goal since I became a tour guide. I am also into theatre and acting and also singing are also the things that make my life more enjoyable. I wish, after this pandemic, I could still be active in the Tourism industry to impart my knowledge and experience to guide not only our locals but also the foreign Tourists, esp our market, the Japanese People. Mabuhay!!!”

  • DOT accreditation no.: DOT-NCR-TGD-00412-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/30/2021
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, English, Filipino
  • Degrees: BA English, University of the East

Vincent-Ray HALLIG

“I focus on bringing my guests to the famous tourist attractions in Manila and nearby provinces. In between these, off-the-beaten-path attractions and secret gems await you. Adventure tourism is also a possibility. I’ve had visitors who already experienced volcanic craters in Central Luzon, walked the rice terraces in Northern Luzon, and other activities unique to the Philippines.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00497-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 7/4/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino


“A dynamic,hardworking and well talented tour guide, who developed various ways of entertaining and educating guests local and foreign alike.Adept at delivering excellent customer service,speaking to a large group and turning each tour into an unforgettable experience. Loves interacting with different types of people and has a very strong group presentation and communication skills.Has extensively traveled the Philippines and well versed in Philippine history and culture.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00323-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/30/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino, Tagalog, Bisaya

Maria Theresa B. LAURORA

“I’m a DOT Accredited touguide since 2013 up to the present. A practicing English tourguide . I do heritage tour, educational tour, history, culinary and more. Looking forward to have more tours this year onward.“

  • DOT accreditation no.:  00420-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/30/2022
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: BS Computer Science, Philippine Christian University Manila

Jerick Gatdula MAGAT

“Seriously Funny.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00624-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/24/2021
  • Languages spoken: Filipino, English

Julius MAGNO

“Hello! I am from Manila, and I would love to share a lot of information about my country. Already in my 60’s, I have already visited 15 countries–enough to understand and appreciate other cultures. Welcome to the Philippines! Mabuhay!”

  • DOT Accreditation No.: DOT-NCR-TGD-00964-2021
  • Date of Accreditation: November 22, 2021
  • Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, Filipino


“My college experience as a student tour guide opens my door to join the rosters of DOT accredited tour guides.  I have been doing inbound and outbound tours. I also ventured into hotel and resort management even as a tour consultant to various travel agencies. My experience and exposure elevated me in joining events management. I hosted several events, creating programs for team buildings and even invited as a resource speaker to various conventions and seminars as well as trainings. Currently I am into academe where I am imparting my knowledge and experience to the next tourism frontliners.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGO-00372-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/30/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: Bachelor in Transportation Management


“Good story teller about the Philippines. Can go beyond expectation in learning how diverse our Culture and History.”

  • DOT accreditation no.: DOT-NCR-TGD-00559-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/5/2018
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: BS Business Administration, Centro Escolar University

Ivan Homer Uy Cana MAN DY

“knowledgeable, seasoned, engaging, well-traveled and respectable cultural guide specializing in the city of Manila (Intramuros included!)”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00558-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/30/2021
  • Languages spoken: Mandarin, Hokkien, English, Filipino, Tagalog
  • Degrees: MA Cultural Heritage Studies, University of Santo Tomas; BS Industrial Design, De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde

Dennis Geronimo Red MARISTANY

“All-around tour guide with a happy disposition, a big heart and a wealth of knowledge and experience.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00977-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/15/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: A.B. History, UP CASM


“The satisfaction of my guests is my primary concern. I am friendly, approachable, fun to be with and I love to entertain my guests. It is my task to provide experiences to my guests which will make their tour a memorable one. At the end of each tour I make sure that my guests have a smile on their faces and go home happy and contented and vow to come back again.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00376-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 4/30/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: MS in Business Administration; BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Mhatz NG

“In two words – Resourceful and Resilient”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00419-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/30/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino, Tagalog
  • Degrees: Associate in Business Administration

Jeffrey M. PINO

“Tourist Friendly, charming, professional, customer service oriented with a heart.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  TRG-R04A-00004808-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 6/30/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Arabic, Filipino, Tagalog
  • Degrees: BS Tourism, University of the Philippines


“I am the quintessential tour guide due to my passion in exploring places, events and cultures. Sharing those experiences to visitors is what fuels my drive to be better in this profession. I am also passionately advocating better tour guide representations plus I am one of the few who handles VIP groups and pass those assigments with flying colors. Finally, before the age of online navigation apps I am also one who is very knowledgable with a places geography and I never get lost.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT NCR TGD
  • Date of accreditation: 9/20/2014
  • Languages spoken: English, Basic Japanese, Basic German, Local Philippine dialects
  • Degrees: BS Tourism, University of Santo Tomas

La Charmaine SAIQUE

“Energetic and resourceful tour guide with several years of experience accompanying clients on trips and to various locations in different parts of the world. Adept at performing research in an effort to make optimal travel plans. Experienced in organizing itineraries according to time frames, weather, and events. Dedicated to providing clients with the best customer service and travel experience possible.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00535-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 7/6/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino


“Adventure, city tour, heritage tour..on me.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-00344-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 7/1/2021
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, Philippine Normal University Manila


“Mabuhay, Welcome to the Philippines”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  00305-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 8/1/2018
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: BS Tourism, Polytechnic University of The Philippines


“I am a Multi-Lingual Guide who speaks Japanese, English & Filipino who specializes in handling VIPS, Fam Tours of DOT / TPB, Memorial Tours, Student Exchange Program Tours, Technical Visits, Shooting Tours, Golf Tours, Leisure Tours , Business to Business meetings, Simple Interpretation & Interviews for JPEPA for Nurses & Care Givers going to Japan. I am a proud member of MULATGAP, an organization with more than 30 members who are all Accredited & Licensed by the Department of Tourism. I enjoy what I do for a living & I value my contribution in making Tourism in my Country not only more fun but more memorable as well. I am a Mom of two, I love to Travel but I also enjoy cooking, singing, reading, planting and watching Netflix during my free time. And lastly, I can’t wait to Tour you around my beautiful Country, the Philippines!🇵🇭 Allow me to give you an experience of a Lifetime!!!”

  • DOT accreditation no.: DOT-NCR-TGD-00341-2021
  • Date of accreditation: 3/15/2021
  • Languages spoken: Japanese, English, Filipino
  • Degrees: BS Biology, College of the Holy Spirit


“I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in History, I love to tell stories about Intramuros and share our history, culture, and heritage to people from different parts of the world.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  DOT-NCR-TGD-01188-2022
  • Date of accreditation: 2/3/2022
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in History, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Julian UY

“Anne Uy is a young tourism professional exploring the Filipino heart, heritage and culture. She is one of the co-founders of Don’t Skip Manila – a tour group that creates online and offline curated city experiences in Manila and nearby areas. A story teller, college instructor, tour guide, mother, culture and heritage enthusiast, FILIPINA.”

  • DOT accreditation no.:  0026-2019
  • Date of accreditation: 9/25/2018
  • Languages spoken: English, Filipino
  • Degrees: BS Travel Management, Our Lady of Fatima University

Directory of Intramuros Tour Guides Accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT)

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