The Technical Committee on Architectural Standards of the Intramuros Administration (IA) undertakes the review of all proposed architectural, design, and development plans submitted to the IA.

It was mandated in 1979 by President Ferdinand Marcos through Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1616. In 1985 it was formally organized by Minister Jaime Laya through Office Order no. 85-017. Its current organization was formed in 2021 by the Board of Administrators of IA through the current Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). Its first Chairperson was Ar. Cristina V. Turalba.

Under PD No. 1616 Sec 2: “there shall be an Architectural Committee and such other Committees as may be created by the Board of Administrators, to advise the Administration on the architectural or other policy.”

Under IRR Rule VI, Sec 10, the TCAS shall: “…issue a Certificate of Appropriateness which shall be a pre-requisite for the IA Development Clearance. Appeals shall be submitted to the Urban Planning and Community Development Division. The Committee shall likewise promote consultation with permit applicants, owners, and developers. All evaluations by the Committee shall be guided by these Rules [the IRR], as well as by the Register of Styles.”

Likewise, aside from the IRR and the Register of Styles, the TCAS shall also refer to the Conservation Management Plan for guidance in instances where current rules do not apply, taking careful consideration that none of the provisions of PD1616 and its IRR are violated. TCAS is also guided by the Registry of Intramuros Cultural and Historical Properties.

Current Members

The composition of TCAS is as follows:

  • Mr. John Paul Escandor “Rancho” Arcilla, M.A., Chairperson
  • Ar. Eunice Valerie Lim, M.Sc., Vice Chairperson
  • Ar. Alpha Fiesta Azarcon, Member
  • Engr. Vic Kennan Cajurao, Member
  • Engr. Ella Licardo, Member
  • Ms. Lucinia V. Bernardo, Member

  • Rio N. Maravillas, Secretariat

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