Baluarte de San Gabriel was one of the strongest riverside defenses of Intramuros with a field of fire covering, on one side, the Chinese settlement in Binondoc (present-day Binondo) on the opposite bank of the Pasig River and, on the landward side, the Chinese settlement in Parian de Arroceros. It was built in 1593 on the former site of the Hospital de San Gabriel, renovated in 1762, and destroyed in 1945 when the Americans bombarded the area to breach the wall. It was restored by the Intramuros Administration in 1989.

Image portioned from a vignette of the Murillo-Velarde Map, 1734, showing the Hospital de San Gabriel on the left side of the Pasig River and the Baluarte de San Gabriel and its cannons on the right side of the river; courtesy of the Library of the Congress

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