Flory Joy B. Alvarez, Bianca Lois A. Delgado, Laila Denise E. Rontos, Ma. Angelica T. Rosita

Note: This is a paper produced under the Internship Program of the IA Center for Intramuros Studies.


A City encasing a rich past and vast culture bustling metro is how one can describe Intramuros. As towering buildings etches the visuals of how it used to look during the years of Spanish Colonization, walls surrounding the area as it encases the life behind it, Intramuros holds so much meaning to the identity and history of the Filipinos especially after what had happened before it was restored in 1981. With how much history it holds, it as well contains lives buried underneath the lands, stories echoing behind the walls and these beliefs that the souls of those who were left unrest after the war that had broken out urges the idea on how people engages themselves in learning more about the Walled City. As the world continues to develop, strategies had also been created to have an impact on the interest of many. Knowing how Intramuros is an area full of aesthetically pleasing views and vast land full of stories, there is a shallow perception of what one should come for when they tour around the area. But, with how the Filipinos are deeply rooted in their beliefs despite years of colonization and imperialist propagandas that pushes away the value of our identities, some used this culture to strengthen the participation on building one’s national identity and historical awareness. There will always be more in culture as to how one can perceive opportunities and achieve progress and how one can also retain the history they bear as Filipinos.

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About the interns

This research paper was completed in September 2022 under the internship of the following:

Flory Joy B. Alvarez

Flory is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts major in History at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She was one of the sought-after guest speakers by student organizations and the university councils giving emphasis on the importance of Philippine social realities and their history. Her interest in history focuses more on contemporary issues and Filipino’s advancement in the Philippine revolution and class struggle because she has been devoting her years in PUP as a student leader and activist. She was able to be awarded both national and international because of her community development initiative through the organization she founded which is ‘The Anluwagi Project’. She is also the Asian Girl Ambassador 2017 advancing the fight for women’s rights and gender violence representing girls in Asia to different countries around the world. Right now, she serves as the CSSD Student Council President campaigning about Ligtas na Balik-Eskwela, Defend Academic Freedom, and No to Historical Revisionism. She dreams of becoming a human rights lawyer someday.

Bianca Lois A. Delgado

Bianca is an undergraduate student taking up Bachelor of Arts in History at the Polytechnic University of Philippines – Manila. Their interests in history are art history, natural history, pre-16th century Philippines, pop-culture history, and local history. Among their past papers cover the topics of bladed weaponry in Southeast Asia, and Manila’s urban planning in the American colonial period.

Laila Denise E. Rontos

Laila is an undergraduate student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Manila taking up a Bachelor of Arts in History. They are also active in the Committee on Arbitration and Constitutional Amendments of the Samahan ng Magaaral ng Kasaysayan. Their interests include the colonial history of the Philippines; the education of Filipinas in the late 19th and early 20th century; and early Islamic and Southeast Asian civilizations. Some of their past papers cover the impact of American educational reforms on the education of Filipinas, the examination of the Buddhist temples of Java, Indonesia, and the age of space exploration during the Cold War.

Ma. Angelica T. Rosita

Ma. Angelica is an undergraduate student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines taking up Bachelor of Arts in History. With an unwavering pursuit for knowledge and determination to make a difference in their community, their passion in studying the arts and the past had motivated them to serve in different organizations and had influenced them to take up the challenge in studying under a course stigmatized by society. During this academic year, they are currently one of the councilors of the College of Social Sciences and Development Student Council and the head of the Education, Research and Training Committee. Their interest in empowering knowledge and the enlightenment of those around them reaches no boundaries as they continue to serve as the Co-Chairperson of the Anluwagi Project’s Education and Advocacy Working Committee. Alongside both affiliation centered in education, they are also driven in upholding women’s rights and empowerment as she used to be Gabriela Youth PUP’s Secretary General for External Affairs and BMI Officer for the past two years of serving the organization. They love to teach and share the knowledge they obtain while learning from their peers and teachers and will continue to dedicate their life to the improvement of the nation they hold dear the most.

Mentor: Christian Emmanuel Catahan


Flory Joy B. Alvarez

“It has always been a dream to be an intern and understand how the Intramuros Administration works. Before being an intern under the IA, I told myself to enjoy the whole duration and the process. To be ready in whatever task they will give to me and enjoy my OJT hours with my fellow history students. The Intramuros Administration had given us enough space and platform to learn more about the walled city and its stories through their webinar session. We also have a generous discussion and exchange of information every time we have a disposition check with our progress. It has been a challenge being an intern during the pandemic and in online setting. However, Sir Christian Catahan made it bearable because he has been guiding us and giving objective opinions for the whole duration of our stay in IA. It has been a short journey, but I offer my internship experience to the Filipino People who were the main reason why we are in school and enjoying our free tuition. As Iskolar ng Bayan, I am humbly reminded that we will always be ready to offer our services and what we learn for the betterment of our nation. I would also like to take this opportunity to give gratitude to Angelica, Bianca. And Laila who serve as my intern buddies and my go-to people during the times I needed someone to rationalize my thoughts. It was a great leap of learning and development which I can really use as I pursue my dreams.“

Bianca Lois A. Delgado

“Working as an intern under Intramuros Administration was an enlightening experience. It was not the place I expected to do my internship, however I am happy and honored to work under this institution. It gave me insights of the work towards preserving the Walled City’s heritage and deepened the understanding of its history. The online setup has been a difficult yet worthwhile journey, especially to my fellow interns Angelica, Flory, and Laila whom I express my gratitude. I’d like to express my thanks to Mr. Christian Catahan for being there to answer our inquiries and providing us with guidance.”

Laila Denise E. Rontos

“I could definitely say that my internship experience with the Intramuros Administration (IA) has been a challenging yet fruitful one. Due to limitations, we could only conduct our internship remotely and finish it within five weeks. Nonetheless, IA accommodated us and did everything they could to teach us about working for a cultural agency. Our research helped us assess Intramuros not only as a student of history but also deepened our understanding of its role in the formation of the Filipino identity. I would personally like to thank Mr. Christian Catahan for his patience and sharp mentorship and Mr. John Arcilla for accepting us into this internship program.”

Ma. Angelica T. Rosita

“It had always been an ambition of mine to formally involve myself into an institution that thoroughly caters for culture. I have long dreamed of serving directly the mass by providing new knowledge and contribute to the source of information that can help in the development of a Filipino’s enlightenment. And I am more than grateful to work under the Intramuros Institution. It is a challenging and eventful month of my life, given the time constraints, limited options to conduct our research and internal issues arousing difficulties to fully assert myself out there. Yet I never once stopped and continued to work alongside my groupmates Flory, Ian, and Denise that had given me the motivation and optimism to work with our interesting choice of topic for our paper. I will always be thankful for the three. Also, I would also share my gratitude to Mr. Christian Catahan for being so understanding and dedicated to his work as well. I would also thank Mr, John Arcilla in providing us a wonderful insight on Intramuros and the warmest welcome we got on our first day.”

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