Testimonials by former interns under the IA Center for Intramuros Studies.

Maria Juvice D. Buñag
Intern from 01 June to 01 September 2021

“Once the opportunity had presented itself to be accepted in this internship, I made sure not to let this opportunity go to waste. My worthwhile stay as an intern in Intramuros Administration gave me several avenues to explore… read more
Sophia Elise Arguson
Intern from 01 July to 01 September 2021

“Getting into the internship program of the Intramuros Administration has allowed me to hone not only my professional and organizational skills, but it has also provided me with the additional knowledge and abilities it takes to fulfill my main role as a… read more
Apollo Kristoffe Gueco
Intern from 12 July to 20 August 2021

“The internship was a worthwhile experience and, despite being facilitated online, I feel that it has prepared me for a path that involves activities related to research. I am more than satisfied with the progress that I have made… read more

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