Proceso II D. Celis, Marilou M. Gaton, Sharmaine Mercado, Angel Gabrielle Saavedra

Note: This is a paper produced under the Internship Program of the IA Center for Intramuros Studies.


The Puerta and Revellin del Parian played a crucial role in the history of Intramuros. However, extensive research works regarding its purpose during the Spanish colonial period is inadequate to promote historical awareness. This study aims to understand the site’s significance from the time of Spanish occupation through the end of Second World War, in order to provide insights on how to further promote the site’s cultural heritage. The authors used information from the Intramuros Administration Archives and online journal sites, and carried out the research through adapting the Heritage Cycle framework of Simon Thurley (2005). The cycle demonstrates the importance of understanding Puerta and Revellin del Parian’s history, as its importance and value directly influence the ravelin and gate’s conservation and protection efforts. With IA’s mission to contribute to the strengthening of the Filipino identity and historical consciousness, the researchers have recommended plans to highlight the site’s importance to further illuminate historical awareness.

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About the interns

This research paper was completed in September 2022 under the internship of the following:

Proceso II D. Celis

Proceso is an incoming fourth-year student of History from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila. His research interests include European History, local, economic, and oral history of the Philippines.

Marilou M. Gaton

“Marilou is an incoming fourth-year student of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in History degree. She was able to expand her understanding of historical analysis and research development because of her interest in Philippine history. Her research interests include cultural, social, and oral history in the Philippines.”

Sharmaine Mercado

Sharmaine is an incoming fourth-year student of BA History from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines—Manila. Her research interests are predominantly in oral history, with the goal of bringing to light the collective narrative and experiences of individuals who have been marginalized in history, and European studies, because she wanted to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of Europe’s complex history and politics.

Angel Gabrielle Saavedra

Angel is an incoming fourth-year student of BA History from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines—Manila. Her research interests include Philippine Economic and local history. Most of her papers focus on trade and commerce using historical and statistical approach.

Mentor: Christian Emmanuel Catahan


Proceso II D. Celis

“Intramuros Administration provided an insightful and enjoyable experience. The internship program gave me an opportunity to do archival research with their rich collection of primary and secondary sources. The facilitators and staff were knowledgeable, helpful, and more than willing to share their expertise.”

Marilou M. Gaton

“Doing an internship at the Intramuros Administration was a big opportunity and a great learning experience for a history student like me. But because the setup was still done online, it was somewhat difficult. Despite the pressure and challenges brought by the limited time and resources we had, we were still able to complete what we were doing with the help of the extra resources provided by our mentor. Through this internship program, we were given the opportunity to visit their office, and as a result, I was able to see several primary and secondary sources needed for our research. Overall, I had a good time performing my tasks because while I was doing it, I had the chance to recognize and learn more about the history of Intramuros, specifically the subject focus of our research.”

Sharmaine Mercado

“Despite not being able to work on Intramuros property during this internship, I was nevertheless able to participate in the administration’s efforts to ‘ build and restore the Walled City in an orderly manner’ and in this ‘research-oriented learning opportunity.’ It effectively sharpens my present research and development abilities and puts my education’s worth of knowledge to use. I was acquainted with Intramuros through this internship opportunity, along with its importance and history. Overall, my internship at the Intramuros Administration gave me important research experience and further fueled my enthusiasm for creating scholarly papers.”

Angel Gabrielle Saavedra

“Our work at Intramuros Administration has given me enough understanding on Manila and Intramuros studies. With this, I became interested in writing more about the history of Manila and Intramuros. Throughout the program, I was able to accomplish different tasks, including research work and contributing to the making of microsites.”

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