Intramuros Learning Sessions episode no. 31


World heritage sites are considered to be the highest level of distinction and protection for heritage sites and places around the world. In its 48-year history, there has been an increasing importance of valorizing the heritage of humanity, beyond the confines of monumental sites in the Western world. Heritage sites are now recognised to be intrinsically embedded in context, linked to the lives of surrounding communities and deeply rooted to the urban and natural setting. This presentation will explain the concept of ‘Outstanding Universal Value’ (OUV) which is the essence of these sites’ cultural significance. It will also briefly cover the historical development of the World Heritage Convention and provide examples of sites in the Philippines and around the world. The presentation will also touch base on the role of world heritage sites to communities and discuss briefly how designers of the built environment can contribute to their protection.

  • Guest speaker: Gabriel Caballero
  • Moderator: Rancho Arcilla

About the Speaker: Gabriel Caballero

Mr Gabriel Caballero is a landscape architect and an independent world heritage specialist. He has an MA World Heritage Studies from Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus- Senftenberg, Germany, and a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture from the University of the Philippines Diliman. In 2017, the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects (PALA) gave recognition to Gabriel Caballero as a recipient of the GantimPALA Vanguard Award for his contributions in the protection of natural and cultural heritage areas. He is currently involved in a key project in Singapore that is sensitively creating a new tourist destination set amidst the natural protected areas of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

About the Host: Rancho Arcilla

John Paul Escandor Arcilla, known professionally as Rancho Arcilla, is the author of the Intramuros Register of Styles (2021). He is currently the Chairperson of the Intramuros Technical Committee on Architectural Standards (TCAS). As TCAS Chairperson, Arcilla oversees the review of all development, including new constructions, in the Walled City. He is also a PhD student at the Tri-College of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman. He has an MA in Philippine Studies from UP Diliman and a BA in Asian Studies from the University of Santo Tomas.

Arcilla specializes on colonial architecture. The architectural provisions of the Revised 2021 Implementing Rules and Regulations of Presidential Decree No. 1616, the main framework and legal instrument in the management of Intramuros District, is based on his MA thesis Walls within Walls the Architecture of Intramuros (2021).

About the Intramuros Learning Sessions

The Intramuros Learning Sessions (ILS) is the educational webinar series of the Intramuros Administration (IA). The IA is an attached national government agency under the Department of Tourism. 

Topics are interdisciplinary and cover themes related to Intramuros and Manila studies, Philippine studies, as well as cultural heritage studies. Pursuant to IA’s charter, the ILS aims to contribute to the strengthening of the Filipino’s national identity and sense of belonging and pride.

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