Commonwealth Acts

  • CA 171 (12 Nov 1936) – Adopting Spanish Colonial type of Architecture on all buildings to be constructed, altered or repaired in Intramuros.

Executive Orders

Presidential Decrees

  • PD 260 (01 Aug 1973) – Declaring The Sta. Ana Site Museum In Manila, The Roman Catholic Churches Of Paoay And Bacarra In Ilocos Norte, The San Agustin Church And Liturgical Objects Therein In Intramuros, Manila, Fort Pilar In Zamboanga City, The Petroglyphs Of The Rock-Shelter In Angono, Rizal, The Petroglyphs Of Alab, Bontoc, The Stone Agricultural Calendars Of Dap-Ay Guiday In Besao, Bontoc, The Mummy Caves Of Kabayan, Benguet And Of Sagada And Alab, Bontoc, The Ifugao Rice Terraces Of Banaue As National Cultural Treasures; And The Barasoain Church In Malolos, Bulacan, Tirad Pass In Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, The Miagao Church In Miagao, Iloilo, The Site Of The Battle Of Mactan On Mactan Island, Cebu, The San Sebastian Church In Quiapo, Manila, And The Church And Convent Of Santo NiO In Cebu City As National Shrines, Monuments, And/ Or Landmarks, Defining The Implementing Agencies And Providing Funds Therefor.
  • PD 1277 (04 Jan 1977) – Providing For The Preservation Of The Walls Of Intramuros And The Restoration Of Its Original Moat And Esplanade.
  • PD 1537 (11 Jun 1978) – Amending Presidential Decree No. 1277 Dated January 4, 1978 Entitled “Providing For The Preservation Of The Walls Of Intramuros And The Restoration Of Its Original Moat And Esplanade” By Including Preservation And Restoration Of The Walled City.
  • PD 1616 (10 Apr 1979)– Creating The “Intramuros Administration” For Purposes Of Restoring And Administering The Development Of Intramuros.
  • PD 1748 (10 Dec 1980)– Amending The Charter Of The Intramuros Administration

Republic Acts

  • RA 1607 – Republic Act No. 1607 – An Act Declaring Intramuros A Commercial, Residential And Educational District, Repealing For That Purpose Commonwealth Act Numbered One Hundred Seventy-One And Republic Act Numbered Five Hundred Ninety-Seven.
  • RA 10066 – An Act Providing For The Protection And Conservation Of The National Cultural Heritage, Strengthening The National Commission For Culture And The Arts (Ncca) And Its Affiliated Cultural Agencies, And For Other Purposes.

Important: Due diligence is necessary for the proper appreciation of these legal instruments because many of these materials have already been amended or repealed already. These laws and other issuances are presented here in this list purely for academic purposes only, to illustrate the historical development of regulations in Intramuros.

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