Felice Prudente Sta. Maria, Ph.D. has been an awarded cultural worker and author for five decades. She pioneers study of the country’s colonial food history by using predominantly written sources stretching back into the Renaissance Age of Exploration and forward up to early years of the Philippine Republic restored in 1946. She is known for a storytelling style through her Philippine Food History 101 Instagram posts (@felicepstamaria), Filipino Food History website (https://felicepstamaria.net), and popular books. Academic papers published in history and culture journals are providing a baseline for successor generations to discover the power of food in civics education, as well as social, economic, and political development.

As main speaker
ILS 87 – Feeding Manila: Colonial Influences on Filipino Food

About the Intramuros Learning Sessions

The Intramuros Learning Sessions (ILS) is the educational webinar series of the Intramuros Administration (IA). The IA is an attached national government agency under the Department of Tourism. 

Topics are interdisciplinary and cover themes related to Intramuros and Manila studies, Philippine studies, as well as cultural heritage studies. Pursuant to IA’s charter, the ILS aims to contribute to the strengthening of the Filipino’s national identity and sense of belonging and pride.

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