Note: This is a paper produced under the Internship Program of the Center for Intramuros Studies.

Project Overview

The project proposal focuses on identifying problems in blocks 26 and 27 of Intramuros, Manila. The assigned blocks’ needs were initially recognized through Intramuros’ history and gathering information from previous assessments. Including rehabilitation of abandoned structures into a connected area for students, employees, and the general public. Students are currently restricted to their school grounds and have less exposure to the city’s cultural and historical traits, resulting in a lack of social interactions amongst the different stakeholders. Thus, proposing a development that focuses on connective spaces for the population of Intramuros will bring new opportunities for regeneration and growth.

A design development process is used to present the intended development, which includes drawings, models, and perspectives. This proposal focuses solely on adaptive reuse of buildings, open space development, and street pedestrianization. This analysis will represent the projected developments by designing for connective space for the target stakeholders of Intramuros. Finally, the paper concludes by providing avenues to solutions to the problem and project goals stated.

Keywords: Intramuros; historical; connective and open spaces; adaptive reuse; stakeholders.

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This Project Proposal was completed in July 2021 under the internship of the following:

Paula Eunice P. Francisco

I am an Architecture student at the University of Santo Tomas. The design philosophy that drives me is that architecture is meant to serve and be experienced by people. As a result, I am motivated to put my skills and knowledge to good use.

Nicole Caparroso

I am aspiring to become a successful Architect who designs for the people and the environment. My passion in design is driven by various issues I am enlightened to, which motivates me to alleviate such impacts through architecture and the built environment.

Napoleon Mui

I am an architecture student from the University of Santo Tomas I believe that design should be rooted in its context. In the future, I envision myself in building my own architectural firm. I love exploring places and trying out new things during my free time.


  • Ramil TIBAYAN
  • Rancho ARCILLA

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