Note: This is a paper produced under the Internship Program of the Center for Intramuros Studies.


Modernism depicts a strong commitment to social justice following World War II, and has been heralded as the “style of the century.” One way of looking at it is that modern-day architecture has the potential to be true architectural monuments that can have a significant impact on the history of architecture. While the outcomes of conservation principles and methodology may vary in practice, the underlying concepts remain constant: Heritage conservation can be accomplished by appreciating the object’s significance. This difficult step should be motivated by a genuine desire to preserve an artifact for historical purposes.

The purpose of this paper is as follows: 1.) identify post war modernist urban heritage in the historic district of Intramuros, 2.) assess the vital importance of preserving such structures and 3.) provide technical assistance to the Intramuros Administration in terms of Planning and Policy Implementation.

Keywords: Intramuros, modernist architecture, postwar, heritage conservation

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This Project Paper was completed in July 2021 under the internship of the following:

  • Eunice Faith Flores
  • Marianne Orillo


  • Ramil TIBAYAN
  • Rancho ARCILLA

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