Note: This is a paper produced under the Internship Program of the Center for Intramuros Studies.

Project Overview

This paper discusses the proposed development for a food park which primarily addresses Informal Urban Retailing within Intramuros. The project focuses on Blocks 29 and 30, identifying its strengths and weaknesses with regard to the proposal. The group identifies two (2) major problems namely; Informal Urban Retailing and the Vacant Lots in the area. Under the first problem issues such as street encroachment, sanitation, food disposal, and loitering are considered. While shanti areas, underdeveloped and vacant private lots are considered for the second major problem.

As an initiative to bridge the gap between informal street vendors and the lack of properly occupied spaces in Blocks 29 and 30, the group considers a Food Park to resolve these problems. The project aims to relocate and optimize the street food vendors operations in block 29 and 30, at the same time provide a commercial area that would cater to students, staff , and other consumers nearby. Furthermore, the project aims to promote food distribution that is safe and convenient for the consumers by looking into the sanitation system of the block. With these, the researchers advocate for a healthier and cleaner environment for the stakeholders of blocks 29 and 30.

Keywords: Food Park; Street Food; Relocation; Sanitation; Operation

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This Project Proposal was completed in July 2021 under the internship of the following:

Maron Bunda

I am currently studying architecture at the University of Santo Tomas. I’m a comic enthusiast and I love to sketch.

Michelle Anne Tanieca

I am an Architecture Student who enjoys creativity and the graphic arts. I enjoy exploring different interests during my free time where I knit, crochet and basically make use of my time tinkering my next projects. I hope to keep enjoying what I do in my creative career path, to keep learning and do better.

Mharteen Symell Tan

I am a work-in-progress architect whose aspiration is towards integrating quality of life. Sustainability and practicality are what usually drive my inspiration towards design. I enjoy the company of a cup of coffee while doing projects. I rekindle my passion by spending time with the people that surround me and discovering the wonders of life.


  • Ramil B. TIBAYAN
  • Rancho ARCILLA

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