41Tala-Talaan: Documenting the Giant Lantern Festival of San Fernando, Pampanga Towards a Safeguarding Plan of an Intangible Cultural Heritage
40History-Writing With Bombs And Bulldozers
39Manila’s Tourism and Cultural Development Plan
38Justice is Served, Court Victories for Women & Children
37The Nostalgia of Manila Sound
36Tambay sa Pancitan: Luzon’s Ysla De Panciteria Project
35Walls, Water, and Warfare; A User’s Manual to the Walls of Intramuros
34South Cotabato Cacao
33Philippine Registry of Cultural Property: An Overview
32The Parian and the Spanish Colonial Economy
31Cultural Significance for World Heritage Sites: Understanding the Concept of Outstanding Universal Value
30Ang Pamana ni Sonny: Remembering the Life and Legacy of Martin I. Tinio Jr.
29A Discussion on the Conservation Management Plan of Intramuros
28Sifting Through The Myths of General Douglas MacArthur
27Letania: Architectural Documentation of San Agustin Church Retablos
26Santo Domingo Church and La Naval: The Intramuros Shrine and Its Rituals
25A Re-Assessment of Intramuros Architecture
24Leoncio Asuncion’s Iconology and the 19th Century Philippine Colonial Religious Sculpture: An Analysis
23The 1905 Burnham Plan for Manila
22Protecting Agricultural Produce
21Heroines of World War II
20Intellectual Property in Textiles
19History of Muslims in Hispanic Manila
18Philippine Coffee: A Case for Conserving our Coffee Heritage
17Creadoras: A Tribute to Betsey Westerndorp
16Rediscovering Biodiversity in Manila Urban Jungle During the Time of Pandemic
15Heroes of World War II Part 1: Escoda, Abad Santos, and Lim
14Indio Response: The Museo de Intramuros Collection
1319th Century Spanish Manila in Times of Epidemics
12A Visit to Luneta’s Colorful Past, Current State and Future Developments
11Making History and Heritage Matter: How the Past Defines the Future
10Branding and Design for Heritage and Cultural Institutions
91945 Battle of Manila: The Intramuros Experience
8A History of Informal Housing in Intramuros
7In Praise of the Popular: Re-examining the Folk Santos
6Ang Fort Santiago sa Kasaysayang Pilipino
5Symbols of a Glorious Past: A Look at the Old Monuments of Intramuros
4Intramuros and the Making of the Filipino Nation
3Stone of Philippine DNA: Uncovering the Genome of Intramuros
2Did The Mudejar Style Make It to the Philippines?
1Stone Heritage

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