The Intramuros Administration, in cooperation with the Curious Curator PH, opened last August 6, 2017 at the Teatrillo in Plaza San Luis the War Herstory Exhibit, a two-person exhibition featuring painters Martie Datu and Alan Ong, featuring the stories of two-time Palanca-winning author Patricia Marie Grace Sy-Gomez.

“One Hundred Feathers,” a series of paintings by Martie Datu and written by Patricia Sy-Gomez, tells the story of a young girl who befriends her neighbour, a quiet and anti-social old lady. Set in World War II, the narrative unfolds to reveal how their unusual friendship leads to peace and acceptance of the tragedies that befell them. “Amaya,” on the other hand, also by Patricia Sy-Gomez, and painted by Alan Ong, shows the struggles of a young girl during World War II as she deals with the hurt and pain of loss and tragedy. It deals with grief and coping, and how, ultimately, forgiveness leads to peace and acceptance.

The exhibit ran for two days, from August 6 to 7, and was open free to the public.