In celebration of May as the Heritage Month, the Intramuros Administration (IA) in cooperation with Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc. (FHFI) organized the Santa Cruz Mayo which is held every third Sunday of May. This year’s celebration was held in May 21 with a procession starting at Plaza Roma with a short program followed by a procession to San Agustin Church to attend the liturgical celebration. A special dinner for the participants was held at Barbara’s Restaurant hosted by the Intramuros Administration.

Popularly known as the “Santacruzan,” the annual activity is a retelling of the finding of the “true cross” by the Empress Helena and her son Constantine I. The rest of the characters in the procession are also part of the narrative.

The community of Barangay 656 in Intramuros headed by Barangay Chairperson Gladys de Jesus supported the event by taking part in the procession. The participants were all dressed up in biblical costumes holding symbols of their role. The Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc. has advocated for the celebration of this original practice of Santa Cruz de Mayo to highlight its religious significance and role in our Philippine tradition and heritage.